How Can I browse Any Website Using My Computer/PC?

Web Browser is a kind of tool/Software that works over the Internet and browses the Website/WebPage on the World Wide Web. Simply we can say, it’s a medium to communicate with the internet and find what we want to search from the internet. Almost everything is on the internet related to each genre like Shopping, Education, Online Payment, Online Purchase/Trade, and so on. By using the web browser you can easily communicate and access everything with the fastest speed ever met. A web browser is an open-source tool that works overall devices, either for Desktop PC or Mobile/Smartphones.


Web-Browser is a very essential tool which is developed by many companies and firms that is available free of cost. Almost everyone who wants to surf the internet and try to download and access anything needs a web browser. So go ahead on the internet and download the Web-browsers that you want. There are several Web-Browsers available on the Internet, Try one of them and enter into the world of the World Wide Web.

Know Everything About Some Tools Which Lets You Surf The Internet!

Essentially, Windows is an Operating system like Mac, Ubuntu, and to browse anything you need to use Web-browsers. It’s a kind of tool/software that is specially designed for an Operating system to help users to access the internet. Generally, the Web browser is open source and supports multiple Operating systems. But If you are a Windows user then to use a web browser on Windows PC you need to download a Windows-supportive Web browser. Check below a list of windows supportive web browsers.

Mozilla Firefox:

Firefox offers you the fastest speed with security. You can surf the internet freely by using the Firefox web browser.

  • It Offers a Beautifully designed User-interface.
  • Offer to access public as well as private Tab for searching.
  • One can Access Multiple Tab simultaneously.
  • You can easily bookmark anything.
  • It offers Several Add-on & Themes.
  • It offers a Help section to Get Help, submit Feedback & for Troubleshooting mode.
  • It offers the Setting option to manage and alter the setting functions.
  • By using the More tool you can check and access the listed tool in Firefox.

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is one of the most popular cross-platform open-source web browsers developed by “Google” and available for Windows Operating systems. There are several new and upgraded Chrome versions are on the Internet. You can get the Browser easily by using the Internet.

  • It comes with a responsive user interface.
  • It offers You to access Any website by using the New Tab, New Windows & Incognito Windows mode.
  • By Using the More Tool Function you can use multiple sub-tools like Extensions, Task Manager, Developer tool, etc.
  • You can Bookmark any site.
  • By using the settings, You may easily customize the chrome functions.
  • It keeps a record of your last visit sites in the History & Recent Closed function.

Opera Mini:

Opera Mini a Desktop and android based Web-browser which offers several features and functions to support Internet bug-free surfing and gives a safe environment. Get this versatile application from the official website for your windows-based Laptop/PC.

  • You can customize your Browser.
  • It removes the annoying advertisement during surfing.
  • It consumes less data while surfing and saves up to 90% of data with the highest speed.
  • It offers smart downloading facilities.
  • It gives you an offline reading facility.

Quick Specification About The Tool

  • You can download the web browser free of cost.
  • The web browser supports Desktop as well as Android OS too.
  • It gives the fastest surfing rate with security from the online tracker.
  • It offers Registration and security passwords to protect it from any unwanted access.
  • You can surf worldwide websites, streaming sites online games, and many more by using the web-browsers.

How Can I Surf Using A Web-Browser On PC

Make sure that the downloading version should be the latest and always download from the official sites to avoid any fack or buggy files.

  • Go to the official sites and download the Windows version.
  • Once done, install it on PC/Laptop.
  • Wait, It will take few seconds.
  • Now Access the Web-browsers easily.


The above-listed web browsers are certified and most popular used in the world. But still, we recommend users to check the policy and know about its service before download and use such desktop software and make sure that the downloading source should be safe.


With the rapidly changing Edge, the Web browser itself is upgrading to extend multiple features to make it easier to communicate with the World Wide web. Ultimately, there are several web browsers available on the marketplace but few of them are really popular because of their service and facilities and the listed web browsers are a few of them. So do not hesitate to download it because it is a secure and convenient software and offers many exciting services at no cost. So try one of them and enjoy your internet surfing with the latest web-browsers.

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