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Video Calling APK is the latest virtual communication approach to help users to communicate with others using an APK through Laptops/Smartphones. Make sure, both the end-points using the same applications. Using the APK one can communicate via SMS-Text, Voice-Chat, Video-Chat. Millions of users now communicate with others virtually by using this functionality free of cost.


Here we elaborate most 5 video calling approaches for Android/Windows PC, read the complete article and use any one of them and enjoy video call on a laptop / Android with your friends & colleagues.

Top – 3 Video Calling APP List!

Google Duo: it’s a high-quality free video calling application that offers diverse features including End-to-End encrypted functionalities. Google due offers users to make a video/audio call with the help of an internet connection without paying a single bit of amount. Intrinsically it’s a google genuine product that offers many new functionalities with a beautiful interface. Follow the main key features offered by Google Duo.

  • Firstly register your mobile number to verify yourself.
  • You can call another duo users only.
  • One can call a single user & make a group calling.
  • Allow storage & contact permission to fetch your device data.
  • Find someone if they exist in your contact list, If not then send him an invitation.
  • You can send Text Msg, Voice Call & Video calls with different Duo Users easily.

Viber: It’s a Message, Chats & Audio/Video Calls Messenger Application that can easily sync with the Tablet/Desktop for better enhancement. Viber is a Secure, Free & Fast Application for Message/Video calls. Make sure To connect high-speed broadband/Wifi or any mobile data network to make a free video chat without any interruption. Viber was developed on 19/July/2011 by Viber media S.a.r.l. Not Only for the Tablet/Desktop, you can also install the APK over android and concurrently sync it with Laptop. Check-out the point below for further information.

  • It offers a responsive Graphical User Interface.
  • Offers msg/Voice/Video call for single as well as group.
  • You can freely chat with other Viber users.
  • Register yourself to make a video call.
  • One can send Documents, Stickers, Gif, Images, and many more things using Viber.

Skype: A great approach towards the video call on the laptop. It’s an official application for Windows & Android to make an easy and fast video call all over the whole world. Millions of people are not using Skype to make a video call for their Business or any personal perspective. Ensure before downloading the apk that you require any high-performance Laptop and high-speed internet. Additionally, It’s a lightweight apk incorporating a responsive graphical user interface for better enhancement. Check-out the below-mentioned list for its features.

  • It offers many languages.
  • It offers HD-Print during video calling.
  • Not any disturbance or any unwanted noise during voice calls.
  • One can Send a Text message, Stickers, or share any photo & documents.
  • Both the users must require a proper internet connection for a better video experience.

How to download Video calling APK!

Download The versatile APK for Windows & Android and keep video conferencing with your friends & colleagues free of cost. It is simple to download the following application for windows & Android.

  • Go to the official site and download the file for windows & MAC.
  • Android users can go ahead with the google play store for download.
  • Once done, Enable some permissions & required options before installation.
  • Check the T&C and then move ahead.
  • Now completely install the apk and enjoy the APK.

How to do Video Call On Laptop / Android!

Video call on a laptop is a very easy and effective task, please make sure to check that the front camera is working properly or not. Additionally, it requires a high-speed laptop and a proper internet connection which maintain the integrity of the live video chat. Check-out the below listed points to know how to video call to another number using laptop/android phones.

  • Launch any one of the APK listed above.
  • Register your partner id/registered Number to establish the connection.
  • One can send a text message, or can Audio/Video chat using the Tool.
  • Here you can send stickers, emojis, Send an image, documents and many more.
  • There is no limitation or any timely barrier which interrupts your conversation.
  • Enjoy the virtual conversation with your friends, family, colleagues freely.

Is the Video Call On Laptop / Android safe Or Not?

The video conferring apk puts down all the current issues and gives a legal and secure platform to communicate with each other privately, or may share much information. Do not bother about the data loss, it’s a highly secure application that works over End-to-End encryption to protect and secure the data and prevent unethical loss. Follow mentions apk is a certified and legal application that is available worldwide and offers diverse features with security.


Ultimately, video calling is an effective task that helps users to chat virtually anywhere in the whole world. With video calling facilities you can perform your company work or attend any meeting for family & business purposes. There are several videos calling apk, here we mention some of the reliable ones.

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