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Teamviewer is a Remotely based End-to-End connectivity tool allowing users to communicate with each other via an Android/Windows PC. One can install it into any device and connect to each other to remotely access the other device. There are several Teamviewer alternatives available in the market that offer similar features and services and all are free of cost.


Several Teamviewer alternatives are mentioned below, one can get any one of them and connect your PC/Android with the other targeted system and access the control of the entire functionality remotely. Scroll down to unlock the top best Teamviewer alternatives.

Top – 3 TeamViewer Alternatives List!

Remote Desktop Manager: It’s an Android/desktop apk that offers to access any desktop/Laptop remotely from any other device. Through any source device, you can access the destination device freely. You need to signup/LogIn to access the application.

  • Register yourself and keep it remember for access.
  • You need a proper internet connection for secure and proper access.
  • Both the endpoints must be high-performance devices.

AnyDesk: A fastest remote control apk that allow to operate multiple devices remotly. It a Professional, as well as a personal operating apk, offers encrypted data access opportunities. Anydesk offers reliable and fastest access rate and easily collaborates to enhance teamwork. Furthermore, it offers a High frame rate, effective streaming, low latency, and many more.

  • Make an Id/Password for registration.
  • It requires an Anydesk application at both endpoints.
  • It needs a partner ID to make a connection.
  • Ensure to check the proper internet connection.

DameWare Remote Support: It is another versatile approach that offers access to Windows & Mac through remotely, there is no distance barrier while using the Dameware service. You can reach and operate easily any destination device. It offers HD-print quality without disturbance and many new functions/features incorporate a convenient interface.

  • It supports multiple OS.
  • Use any broadband or any high-speed internet for proper response.
  • Both devices must use the same application.
  • Developed by Solar winds worldwide, LLC.
  • It’s secure from viruses like malware.

How to download TeamViewer Alternatives!

Teamviewer Alternatives is not only the desktop application, In the case of Android/IOS One can also access it freely. It is a high-performance access approach that gives a 100% accessing response without any disturbance. One can get the Windows/Mac exe file using the official website.

  • Go ahead and access the Official websites, download one of the Applications.
  • Set disable the system Antivirus firewall sometimes it may cause an incomplete installation.
  • Read the T&C carefully and install the application.
  • Start the Application as Ran us administration for the first time.

In the case of the Android/IOS Application one can go to its official play store for downloading because Android and ios both are different OS and the application is also based on a separate platform.

  • Go to the official Playstore.
  • Accept the T&C and allow for the download.
  • Enable the Unknown source and some required permission.
  • Then go ahead with the quick installation button.
  • Now one can easily access the application freely.

How to Use TeamViewer Alternatives!

Fortunately, It comes with a responsive interface including many exciting features and functions although, It provides End-to-End encryption to give its proper security, Follow this mentioned step below to know how to use the Alternatives.

  • Launch The Application.
  • Type Your Partner ID/Password.
  • Send the connection request to him.
  • Once it’s accepted, Now you can completely access the targeted device through Your own PC/Android.
  • Also, you may do many other things with the application.

Is the TeamView Safe For Windows/Android?

This includes data protection, data monitoring, data recovery, Although, it gives 24*7 customer support in case any issue arises. One can use such an application without a bit of payment, even it does not add any hidden charges while using such applications.

Is the TeamViewer Legal?

Yes, All the Alternative is a certified application for Windows as well as Android users, One can blindly trust the apk security and integrity. Your stored data is completely protected from any online trackers.


Ultimately, Team viewer and its alternatives are all desktop sharing software that helps users to work simultaneously on a single project or one can access the other system screen through his laptop or Android device from anywhere any time. The TeamViewer alternatives service is not bounded in a specific range/criteria, one can access the destination device from another state/country freely, but make sure you need a strong internet service during the access.

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