Top-10 Android Emulators for PC Windows & MAC [Official]

We all are using windows and IOS devices in our everyday life. And we face a few problems if we try to do or run some complicated older program on the newer software. To solve this problem, IBM conceived the concept of emulation. So that in this way they can run their programs designed for older devices on the newer ones. Nowadays video game emulators for pc have become very popular among youngsters, as they allow a gamer to play various types of games which are paid usually. But you can play free by merely using emulators for pc. Emulators also give freedom to play older console games on a modern desktop.

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Top-10 Android Emulator For Windows & Mac

  • Tencent gaming buddy
  • Gameloop
  • Genymotion
  • LD Player
  • KO Player
  • YouWave
  • Andy Android emulator
  • MEMU Emulator
  • BlueStacks Emulator
  • NOX
  • Tencent gaming buddy

tencent gaming buddy

Version : v1.0.7773.123

App Size: 25 MB

You can download Tencent gaming buddy latest version v1.0.77 from google play store. Because when we hear the term, Tencent first thing that comes in our mind is PUBG. The most popular and played game so far. Tencent gaming buddy is the official android emulators for pc that allow PUBG mobile lover to play in PC with a great smoothing experience. So if you want to play PUBG in pc you can simply download Tencent gaming buddy for pc. PUBG developers understand the need of their costumer, so they developed their own version of emulator with the help of this you can not only play PUBG, but you can play other games as well specially those which were developed by the Tencent itself like COD. Tencent gaming buddy will increase the overall gaming experience while offering you to play on a way larger screen than the usual smartphones. It gives you better controls than the other emulators for pc available in the market. So if you are PUBG lover, you cannot deny of using this emulator over others.

Features of Tencent gamming buddy emulators for pc –

  • The most important feature is that it is free.
  • It offers you to record and stream your gameplay.
  • Though Tencent is a Chinese company, but it also gives the English language as an option with the Chinese language.
  • You can easily download Tencent gaming buddy emulators for pc from google.
  • It offers you the default mapping system to allow you the excellent controls while taping on keyboard.
  • Officially developed by the Tencent company, not a third party emulator like blues stacks
  • Gameloop

gameloop emulator

Version : v3.2

App Size : 20 MB

Gameloop- It is an updated version 11.0.16777.224 of Tencent’s previous Gamebuddy which is an android game emulators for PC (windows). Tencent wanted more precise controls in multiplayer so they developed the Gameloop windows emulator, which is an updated version of the older emulator. You can easily download Gameloop android emulator for pc if you fulfil the given requirement of- 4GB RAM, a hard disk space of 1.5GB and intel or AMD processor of 15 or more. If you download Gameloop emulators for pc and use it. It will give you a wonderful performance. Gameloop full filled all the cons that Tencent gaming buddy had earlier. Now PUBG lover can go and do Gameloop download. Open the APK file of downloaded Gameloop android pc emulator, and the wizard will take you the processes in a matter of minutes. With this, you can also play other games of Tencent company with more precise keyboard controls while adding mouse and another device will be an advantage and increase the overall experience of the game.

Features of Gameloop-

  • It offers various languages like- Chinese, Vietnamese and English.
  • It Offers you multiple screens resolutions-1024 × 576, 1280× 720, and 1366× 768.
  • Beside PUBG, Gameloop also shows compatibility with other popular android games titles.
  • It offers you an integrated game browser so that you can download other game from the library.
  • You can download Gameloop APK file from google easily.
  • While using keyboard and mouse gameloop will automatically use the default gaming setting to make balance and increase the controls stability.
  • Genymotion

Version : v3.1.0

App Size : 30 MB

Genymotion- Genymotion is one of the amazing kind of emulator in which you can use and test other and your own mobile apps, can play games. Genymottion android pc emulator free is available in the Google. But mostly it is used by the app developer. Where they check the performance of the app by various method before delivering the app to the customer. Genymotion is rich in a program like it can emulate dozens of Android phones. By downloading Genymotion, you can create your own virtual smartphone in your PC. It is easy to integrate and to use with SDKs and APIs. You can checks bugs in your software while using this. There is no infrastructure maintenance. To use this emulator with full efficiency. You need to purchase this but with the available free version, you can do a lot of exciting things. Like in your PC you can emulate Samsung galaxy, and run it’s app and check them. It can easily detect your computer’s keyboard and mouse with no network issue. You can also increase or decrease the size of the emulator window when android applications are launched. So Genymotion emulators for pc download is a full package for the person, who loves to develop or check there apps performance.

Features of Genymotion-

  • A free version (of download Genymotion for PC and MAC) is available from goggle.
  • Genymotion will offer you direct ADB access with full compatibility with all testing frameworks.
  • Easy integration with your CI environment using our ADB tunnel.
  • The virtual device with a dedicated GPU to enjoy hardware acceleration.
  • Genymotion will provide you with infinite scalability with cloud provider data centres.
  • Genymotion is excellent in security and reliability.
  • Emulate every kind of device either it is of windows, MAC, Linux.
  • LD Player

ld player

Version : v44.0.36

App Size : 15 MB

LD Player– it is an android emulator which focuses on emulating the latest android games on your PC. It runs very efficiently as it’s well optimized. While having a good GPU,CPU and RAM management. Which in turn boost your PC as powerful gaming laptop or desktops. The interesting thing to notice that this amazing LD Player emulators for pc application is very lightweight. You can download LD Player and install it on the version of windows. The developer also guides you on how to download LD Player for PC by providing you the FAQ and tutorials available on the main site of LD Player. You can do LDPlayer download if you are fond of 2D games because I can guarantee LD Player will give a new level of experience in 2D gaming.

Features of LD Player-

  • You can download LD Player in concise storage.
  • ldPlayer shows very high compatibility with many applications. For example, you can play Clash of Clans, PUBG, C.O.D, Clash Royal with the help of this single emulator.
  • It’s the latest update of LD Player 4 can easily emulates the Android 7.1. which provide you more option to download games or other apps from the windows.
  • LD Player emulator will provide you excellent control mapping for using the keyboard and mouse.
  • KO Player

ko player

Version : v1.4.1056

App Size : 25 MB

KO Player– it is the most powerful android emulator used for the PCs and tablets nowadays. The best feature about this emulator is that it is extremely easy to use. You can do KOPlayer download from the google. The latest 1.4.1056 KO Player will become bread and butter after installation. After installation you can download APK files of other apps from the google play store and run them quickly on your PCs. ko player is made so efficiently so that you can easily adjust your virtual android screen easily. Another interesting feature that you will get after KO Player download is that easy and quick access to the few main settings like adjustment of screen resolution, volume adjustment and many more.

Features of KO Player-

  • If you download KO Player for PC you will get a way easy interface which looks user friendly and interactive.
  • koplayer provide inbuilt google play store to access any app that you like.
  • It’s built-in video recording feature enables you to record your favourite videos, which you can share with your friends.
  • Ko player prevents compatibility challenges.
  • Ko player enhance your gaming experience with good gamepad controls and easy to configure.
  • YouWave

YouWave emulator

Version : v3.31

App Size : 20 MB

YouWave– the latest version of youwave 3.31 much loaded than the older one of 3.30 and 3.20. The new youwave will now allow you to run many android applications in your PCs and MAC with extra accuracy and efficiency. If you will purchase the paid version of it than you will get YouWave 5.11. which is extremely powerful and capable of performing the various task alone. The minimum requirement for the YouWave emulator is that- Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU, 2.0 GB RAM, 500MB disk place, any window like XP, Vista, Windows 7,8,10. Premium version requires Windows 64 bit and VT-x support in CPU. The emulator has the same menu as your smartphones like music, tools, navigator, gallery etc. These things made it easy and user friendly. If you need a trustworthy and good emulator than believe me YouWave is what you are looking for. So go now download youwave emulators for pc, if it fits your demand.

Features of YouWave-

  • The most important key features that you get after YouWave download is that YouWave is compatible with payment likes PayPal and Google Wallet.
  • Once you download YouWave emulator, you can efficiently operate on the file by opening the windows folder from inside YouWave’s virtual environment.
  • It is compatible with 2.3 gingerbread and 4.0 IceCreamSandwich
  • If you download Youwave emulator for PCs and Mac, than it will give you a freedom to rotate your screen and work in your comfort zone.
  • Andy Android emulator

Andy emulator

Version : v47.260.10

App Size : 30 MB

Andy Android emulator– You can download Andy emulators for pc and MAC desktop with the latest version of 47.260 available in the market right now. With the help of Andy emulators for pc, you can use and download thousands of applications without being setting up an actual virtual screen. It is very easy to use and don’t need to go through a complex mechanism, just a simple a click to download and enjoy the world-class experience that Andy will offer you. Perhaps from playing games. It also allows you to use whatsapp and Snapchat in your windows and MAC desktops. You need to do a simple scan of your given QR code from your mobile, and after this, you can begin using these applications. To download Andy OS emulator, you must fulfil some essential requirement of having Intel dual-core or else AMD CPU, Windows 7, 8, 10 with 3GB RAM, 20 GB of free space with having a powerful video card.

Features of Andy android emulator-

  • Andy emulator turned your mobile phone into an easy remote control for use.
  • Andy emulator also offers you a customized ADW launcher. Which means when you download a new application, it will automatically categorized into a folder and will be available on the home screen.
  • Andy is very much compatible with the wireless device while other emulators like bluestacks show it with a wired device.
  • It will also provide you to push notification.
  • Andy emulator is available in Google play store, and you can download Andy OS emulator from there with ease.
  • MEMU Emulator

memu emulator

Version : v7.2.5

App Size : 20 MB

MEmu emulator- you can download MEMU emulators for pc and MAC desktops with the latest version of 7.2.2. With the help of this, you can play a variety of games on directly on your computer screen with a bigger screen and good resolution. The main thing that makes this memu player to come in top 10 lists of the Emulator today is that is very easy to use. The interface offers by them seems really interactive. You can easily download games by a simple click on the APK button is given on the right side. The controls are well managed and well set up already. So you don’t need to put much effort while playing. Just configure the controls for some time and you start playing with an ease. You can also use Xbox 360 controller if you don’t like or unhappy with the given control setup. Amazing to know that, unlike other emulators which need strong video card or GPU CPU for the best performance. This memu emulators for pc doesn’t need a much powerful computer to enjoy the games perfectly. Memu player is the finest emulators for pc made so far.

Features of MEmu Emulator-

  • memu is the first Android emulator which is made or designed to enjoy videogames that need 5.1 Lollipop. So you can download MEmu emulator if your games are especially for the lollipop.
  • memu is a free emulator developed by the Chinese company with having good compatibility, the accuracy of controls and customization.
  • You can map your keyboard or other controlling devices with your touch screen for the better control and experience while using menu play
  • Memu pay also has GPS location simulation. Which makes it more advance.
  • BlueStacks Emulator

bluestack emulator

Version : v4.220.0

App Size : 25 MB

BlueStacks Emulator– Download BlueStacks emulators for pc (Windows and MAC) desktop with the latest version of BlueStacksis the most older one and well-organized Android emulator so far, which in turn gives you the freedom not only to play games, but can run any application on your PCs. This has made to be used in any PC available in the market right now. Which make it easily compactable with most of the desktop.

This app provides you excellent optimization with Android mobile phones and Windows PCs as these are the most used devices in the world. It provides you compatibility with multiple operating systems. So now you download BlueStacks and use it with other Oss device which you don’t work usually. You can do BlueStacks emulators for pc download for free from Google.

Features of Bluestacks-

  • The most feature that BlueStacks emulators for pc provide you the Graphical quality.
  • It has Hyper-G graphics quality that will support the up compromising graphics.
  • After Bluestacks download you can perform multitasking.
  • Compatible with all major android games.
  • BlueStacks emulator is much more versatile than the other Android emulator present in the market place right now.
  • With BlueStacks you can record your gameplay into HD and stream it or share it with your friend.
  • BlueStocks provide you multiple controlling methods like tactile controls with a mouse, commands with keyboard and external gamepad and touch screen also by simple tapping on the screen.
  • NOX

nox emulator

Version : v6.6.1.2

App Size : 25 MB

NOX– NOX operating system based on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat Kernel. Which ultimately help you to use any of your android’s device within android’s extensive catalogue. Also after NOX emulators for pc download, it will offer you a custom control system. After launching any app you can make your own control system and very easily it will configure your keyboard and become ready to use. Nox emulator emulators for pc has easier interface make it’s user addicted. If we talk about compact it the favourite choice of the gamer. NOX support various third party device just like- joysticks etc. NOX is well optimized that it won’t crash or show any malfunctioning during gamming. You can download NOX and run many apps at the same time with no lagging, and it will not decrease its overall performance. After you download NOX for PC. You don’t need to think much about the privacy of your system.

Features of NOX-

  • You can download Nox emulators for pc and enjoy it if you have low level of RAM. As it can work easily on low RAM usage
  • It will not freeze or crash if you are using it for a long time.
  • NOX will provide you regular antivirus with some security updates.
  • Nox emulator offers you a full HD resolution or 720p.
  • NOX provide you multitasking.


We all love gaming on our smartphones. After a specific time, the small keypads and small screen won’t excite us much. Here the uses of emulators for pc come into play. Emulators for pc helps to enhance your gaming experience. As we all know in your PCs and MAC have more and better resolution than our usual standard smartphones. These top 10 Android emulators for PC and MAC is not only used for gaming purpose while we can use these ones for other use as well like the quality of sound come much more precise and good in the PCs and MAC than the mobile phones.

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