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Call Recording APP is an external android platform that lets users record an Incoming & Outgoing call with/without manually. The call recording app offers to record a call and store it into the system storage. Also, it has a High-quality recording facility with automatic & Manual functions.

Follow the article here we elaborate on the top google certified call recording applications at no cost. Get the call recording app and record your call quickly.


Call Recording APP For Android!

Check-out some special google certified application that offers to record the Incoming/outgoing phone calls on your Android device. Still the Apk free from any unethical online tracker or any malware/Trojan virus. Further, it keeps your data private & secure.

Automatic Call Recorder: It’s a lesser size Android application that offers to record phone calls the fastest ever. Automatic call recorder is a google certified app that offers a genuine overview of data security & integrity. Almost 100M+ worldwide users downloaded such applications from the google play store, One can also download with several other play stores at no cost. Its Appliqato developed apps containing ads on the APK. Follow the below points for further features.

  • Keep on Auto-Update to update on a timely basis.
  • Offers Simple Graphical user Interface.
  • Do not need to record manually any phone calls.
  • It’s a Certified, Bug-free application.

Call Recorder – Cube ACR: It’s an advanced approach in the recording service, One can record Incoming/Outgoing Phone calls, Skype calls, WatsAPP/Viber Calls, IMO, WeChat, Like and some other main Android apps calls also. Almost all types of Android models can access the apk at no cost. Even It offers the best quality of Audio recording during phone calls. If someone wants to access some more features then try its premium version Or if you have any query regarding the app then send a Quick message.

  • It offers VoIP service but not all devices support it.
  • It offers Best Audio possible quality.
  • It offers an Automatic record call.
  • It offers an Exclusion list.
  • Offers Manual recording functionality.
  • Advanced Speaker switching.
  • Get a premium version to get Paid features freely.

RCM: Android Call Recorder: Record My Call (RCM) Is only record Incoming/Outgoing call easily, In case of better quality one can switch on the Loudspeaker of your Android device during Phone Calls. Along with that you can get the recorded file on the Internal storage under the “RecordMyCall” folders. After recording a call if the APK gets uninstall, still you can access the recorded audio files.

  • After recording you can share the data in Google Drive, Dropbox easily.
  • It comes with a better-enhanced user interface.
  • One can customize the Theme using the apk features.
  • One can record A call Manual/Automatic.
  • Use filters for quick search.
  • One can Hide/Show Recording notification.
  • It is secure with 4 digit Passcode.
  • It offers a Backup & Restore facility.
  • It requires permission to work properly.

How to Download the APK For Android Phones?

Go ahead with the Google Play store or any other Play store and “Quick-Search” for the APK and download it. Follow the downloading process.

  • Go with the Google Play Store.
  • Type the same name as the APK over the Search bar.
  • Click over the download button.
  • Accept the T&C to install it under Android.
  • Then click for quick installation.
  • Wait…..it takes a few seconds.

How to Record Call In Android Phones?

Once you download the apk, optimize its setting that’s all. Your incoming/outgoing call will automatically record and save into the phone storage. In case of listening to your pre-stored calling then go to the storage recording folder and may listen to the recording using the MP3 player.

How to Use APK!

Follow the quick guided tutorial to know about how to record the Incoming/Outgoing call. After download goes ahead with the APK dashboard.

  • Set the setting about Automatic/Manual recording.
  • Set the limit/No-limit for recording a call.
  • Set a note of your every recording.
  • One can sort the stored recording.
  • Apply Filters/Mark/Rename it.

Is the call recording APP safe?

Absolutely, it’s a google certified apk that is worldwide approachable and easy to use apk. It’s a safe application that could not contain any malicious activity or bug. Your stored data could not be hacked from this apk, One can blindly trust it.

Call Recording APP – Legal/Illegal?

The call recording APP is a legal application for Android users at no cost. One can get the apk over the google play store, Google has a certified policy against crack applications and it doesn’t allow any kind of apk over its server.


The call recording application is a highly secured and leaser-weight application and offers the fastest speed and several exciting features. The recording is highly valuable data for further record. You must have to record for future safety purposes. One can share your recording data with Email/Google Drive or any other social media platform. Millions of users are now accessing this approach freely.

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