Top-5 Best Third-party [Official] App Store For Android-2020

Android is the worldwide largest optimizing channel, and In order to Android, There is a formally announced about the App Store for android. Intrinsically it is the largest center-hub that offers millions of apps & games, freeware, or paid. Although Google play store could not recommend such a type of third-party app store for android. The third party apps are a primary key factor incorporating all the android stuff freeware and users and can access popular paid apk or modded apk’s in free of cost. Continuing with this article, here is descriptive information about the topmost third party apps store for Android.

third party app store



Top-5 Latest Alternative Third Party Apps Store


appvn apk

Version: Latest

App Size: 8.20 MB

appvn apk is the best marketplace or third party apps that offer an abundance of apk’s & games incorporating exciting new features and all the android stuff free of cost. Further, the self-contained app store for android offers users to access all the popular apk’s or its modded version freeware as well as it could not require any rooted device to use this third party apps store. Appvn apk is a powerful android download that lets you discover top-most popular apps and games, and you do not need to pay a single penny to use this latest approach. Just a single click, and you got to enter into the world of apps and related stuff. Though it is a world of apps but be careful about the fack apps, It may harm your device, and possibly the important data of your smartphones may lose. To download this versatile app, store users may prefer any browser or go ahead with this link to download appvn apk. Follow the guided-point, which lets you elaborate on the extremely essential features of appvn app store for android.

  • Appvn, the third party apps store, is much similar to google play store.
  • Here is a facility to discover and download the latest apps & games freeware.
  • You could not need to root your android device to access this apk.
  • It is the best platform to upload self-content apks.
  • It is available in multiple languages.


Version: Latest

App Size: 10.80 MB

Apkmirror is an unofficially announced online tool that allows you to grab all kinds of android apk’s stuff. Here you can get a variety of trending apps and games as well as it is broadly recognized for modded apps. This versatile online tool or third party apps partly varies in comparison to official-one, which lets you offer to download an apk file freeware as well as avail you with new and exciting features. Along with this, apkmirror is available in a responsive user interface that incorporates many add-ons. The tool has a 0% No-add policy that could not destroy the user experience while operating this app store. The third party apps have a simple downloading process further, While android will let you offer to download your desired stuff, be careful to choose one of them, and before downloading, check the T&C of your downloading content, keep in mind. This google play substitute has a bug-free and malware-free environment that guards your smartphone’s health.

  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Apkmirror has a 0% Add-Tolerance policy.
  • Do not need to root devices for use this app store.
  • Downloading and installing procedures is easy and compatible.
  • Massive library with new exciting features.
  • It Offers popular free as well as paid apps & games free of cost.

1mobile market

Version: Latest

App Size: 9.06 MB

App Store is one of the most impactive facility over the android industry. Everyone knows about the google play store, but if we are talking in respect of unofficial app stores for android, so 1mobile market is none other of then you can get it in the top section. It is a center hub of apps & games as well as you can get all the popular android gadgets freeware. It is light-weight and could not weight-up devices while using it. You can easily access such kinds of paid apks such as Streaming apps, video downloaders, emojis, anime, and more add-on. Even google charges users to download the apps, but the 1mobile market does not require a single penny for any download. This third party apps store partly violet the policy of Google and its T & C. That’s the reason it could not be placed over the google play platform. To get this versatile third party apps to go ahead with the google chrome or visit any secure site. Here is the sorted point which lets you know about the 1mobile market app store for android.

  • Tons of apps & games freeware available.
  • In build cleaner to manage junk-files and malware.
  • It works over searching cookies for better suggestions.
  • Offers a high-speed downloading rate.
  • Available for Android & ios as well as pc too.
  • It integrates with Cloud and API.
  • Available in English, Spanish, German, French, and some more popular ones.

Mobilism apk

Version: Latest

App Size: 19.03 MB

Mobilism apk is one of the fascinating app store for android getting all kinds of apps and games. Eventually, the best part of this, It is the center point of E-books leaner. Mobilism has a massive collection of E-books with different varieties. There are approximately 6,00,000 books available in the store. Although it drives multiple accounts, it means some apk of mobilism may charge you for download. Also, here is a chance to get all kinds of android stuff freeware as well as in premium mode. This third party apps store is free with no add instruction and offers new exciting premium features which allow fast downloading speed from the secure source. This app store for android has well-designed interface incorporate all the feature into the home-screen via categorize format and allow a user to select one them for your desired query, or there is a “Quick-Search Bar” option is depict over the center-top of the app store has a specialty to search any required query through its name. At a glance over the bullet points which inform all the special features of mobilism apk.

  • Mobilism apk has a massive collection of E-books.
  • It offers free as well as a Premium option to download apk’s.
  • Thousands of popular apps & games available freeware.
  • It does not require any special permission to download apk or its apps & games.
  • Here is a different subscription plan, such as Premium, Pro, Platinum.
  • Available in English and more languages.

tutuapp apk

Version: Latest

App Size: 23.03 MB

Tutuapp, the third-party app, is the milestone of getting all kinds of android stuff and does not pay any change. It’s absolutely freeware. Tutuapp is an open-source alternative app store for android, which lets users offer to download modded and cracked versions of apps free of cost. This application is regularly updating to provide a better facility and compatibleness. Also, a specialized developer team does maintain it regularly. This versatile tutu app store for android has an advanced updated interface, embed many add-ons, and offers multiple downloading facilities simultaneously. Apart from this, the third party apps tutuapp is categorized with a variety of apps & games to distinguish and separate each of them for better understanding. It has a massive collection of stuff such as apps, games, mod, hacks, toggles, and more. Overall, tutuapp is a complete package of android gadgets. Not even this, also the tutuapp has a cross-platform supportive & this app store for android & ios both can access. Know more about the tutuapp follow this guided-point to get all the special features of this versatile apk.

  • Tons of apk’s, games, tweaks, mods, and more.
  • It Does not require any unusual permission.
  • Update regularly for better enhancement.
  • No need to root for use this apk.
  • Download unlimited apps without any interruption.
  • It has a no-add irritation.
  • Available in many languages.

Benefits of App Store For Android

  • Info-Trend: the alternative app store for android has a unique feature to notify you of any new launch & updation. This feature informs about the trending or upcoming trend in the android world. To use this feature, you have to check allow “notification option” into the app store setting. After it will able to notify.
  • Freeware: the most important milestone of third-party apps stores is that there is an opportunity to access all the popular apps and its modded or cracked version freeware. Users can easily go ahead with their category or may search by “Quick-Search Option”.
  • No-Add: The major aspect of any online forum is “Add” and its irritation. An alternatives app store for android is completely free from adds and does not irritate or destroy users viewing experience. Formally users can smoothly use the app store for android without any inconvenience.
  • Safe-Download: The concept of an alternative third-party apps store to maintain users’ trust over the versatile platform. It is 100% secure and reliable and serves genuine content. We understand that there are several of facks over the internet, but before using any apps, users should read carefully about its T&C then use it and choose any secure site to download app store for android.
  • Low-Optimization: As compared to official-one, the third party apps have low in size and do not consume much battery life to survive. Even the app store for android is light-weight enough that could not weight-up or hang users’ smartphones. Also, the user can download their light-version for use.


Conclusion: Third party apps stores have widden-up criteria and explored its features and functions and allow users to access a giant world of apks. Many of the crucial information which is still unknown to the user, and this new approach has made it easy to serve all kinds of stuff. Intrinsically the alternative app store for android has a variety of apps and games, and all are freeware. Overall, users may grab all kinds of apps in fact, popular free or paid apk’s free of cost. This versatile trending third party apps platform offers a secure bug-free environment and protects smartphones from any damage or void hanging problem. Million of users are now using this alternativeapp store for android to download the popular apks. Why don’t you try out?

Note: We could not recommend and endorse any brand or its service or not attached to any company or developer of the apks. This is knowledge-based information that is shared through our website. Users may go ahead with their own risk.



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