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Airtel is one of the high-speed network provider services that offer unlimited facilities and services for user convenience. It offers both the Prepaid/Postpaid service for use. Additionally, it offers a new exciting service that helps users to transfer the balance from one to another Airtel customer easily. Make sure it offers only for Airtel Users, do not try it for other networks.

Are you Airtel users…? If not then try to connect with the reliable service scroll down with the article here we elaborate on how to use the Transfer service.


Airtel Transfer Service

It’s a Highly secured service offered to share your Talktime with other Airtel numbers, which means an Airtel prepaid user can easily share his Talktime with other Airtel Prepaid users a couple of times. In case of any error, one can easily go ahead with Airtel customer care support, They will always be there to solve the user issues.

How do I check Airtel’s balance?

Airtel is entirely based on the USSD codes for user ease. Although, with the current technologies it has an Android/IOS application for the airtel service. Users can simply install the MyAirtel application and check the all airtel service over the apk or one can go with the official Airtel website for further inquiry or Follow the below point to know about the balance inquiry.

  • Dial *123# by your phone dialer and know about it.
  • Dial *121# and call then select the balance inquiry option and send its number.

Airtel Quick-Loan Service

Airtel offers a new service that will allow users to make a call in a 0% account balance. Intrinsically, It’s a Quick-Loan service provided by Airtel that gives a Talktime loan in case of an insufficient account balance.

Balance Transfer USSD Code For Airtel to Airtel

Airtel to Airtel balance transfer is a dialer-based approach requiring a USSD code to make the balance transfer. One can use the *141# USSD code and put them on the dialer box and make a call over the number.

Things to Remember before Airtel Balance Transfer

Be clear before using the secured service, You have to follow the criteria before using it, Please check that are you eligible for the service or not then try to do it.

  • Must require any airtel number atleast 90 days old.
  • One can transfer 5 times per day.
  • The process is Airtel-to-Airtel customer.
  • It will deduct few extra amount as per the specific amount.

How to Transfer Balance from Airtel to Airtel Mobile Number

Airtel to airtel transfer facility is a secured sharing mode, You just need to dial a *141# USSD code on the dialer and tap over the calling button. Wait…. Until the popup did not appear. After following the below step.

  • Check out the list and it will give you multiple options with the numbers.
  • Press the “1” number key and tap over the Send button.
  • Type an amount which you want to send, Make sure it should be more than 5.
  • Then give your destination mobile number.
  • Now Enter for Send.
  • It will inform you of the sender & receiver by SMS.
  • Ensure it will charge you with including Tax.

Is Airtel Balance Transfer Safe?

Do not mislead, The Airtel and its Transfer service are secured for a safe transaction. you can always alter the amount while any transaction/transfer. Just confirm the mobile number before transfer. Even one can send money by the Altel service, You can Pay any bill or get any chargeable service by the Airtel.


Ultimately, no doubt get the airtel prepaid card and enjoy the unlimited facility with the fastest network ever met. Millions of users are now using the airtel service or sharing their data with their friends, family, and colleagues. If any problem arises related to the airtel service get in touch 24*7 with the official care service and register your complaint. It will be solved as soon as possible.

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